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Berita Singapura: The Singapore Judo Club in 1964

Since 1954

About the Club

“The Singapore Judo Club, a meeting of different cultures that fosters physical well being, spirit of sportsmanship and friendship!”

Established in 1954, the Singapore Judo Club has left an indelible imprint on Singapore's judo landscape, and its enduring impact resonates even today. Emerging from modest origins, it swiftly ascended to become the venerable cornerstone of the sport, proudly holding the distinction of being the oldest establishment of its kind. At its core lies a resolute mission: to harness the transformative potential of Judo, enriching the lives of all who embrace its teachings.

Presently, the Club stands as a resolute non-profit entity, sustained by a dynamic assembly of volunteers deeply devoted to the sport. This unwavering commitment to the discipline serves as the bedrock for the Club's remarkable 70-year journey of success and growth. At present, SJC runs 7 Judo classes each week, spread across 2 Dojos within Kim Seng Community Center. Our thriving community comprises well over 100 active Judokas, a testament to our role as the vanguard of community Judo in Singapore, proudly upholding the mantle of champions.


Grange Road 

In the late 1953, 15 Judo enthusiasts got together and obtained the voluntary service of Mr Yeo Chiu Ong a 2nd Dan from a Japanese University who started to teach Judo with 12 tatamis in the compound of one of the enthusiast’s house at Grange Road.



Jalan Besar

As members increased, it was then decided that a bigger place should be sought and a Club to be formed. Thus in 1954, the Singapore Judo Club was officially registered and declared open by the Datin Palgar, wife of the late Dato Dr, Palgar.



Portsdown Road

After 26 years, the club was relocated from the White House Hotel along Jalan Besar to  Portsdown Road due to urban redevelopment.



Guillemard Road

The Singapore Judo Club moved to Guillemard Road in 2011, sharing the same premises with Singapore Judo Federation (SJF).



Havelock Road

We said goodbye to our Guillemard Road home for 10 years and moved to our new Dojo @ Kim Seng CC - the largest dojo in Singapore residing within a community setting. Today we run 7 classes each week across our level 1 and 2 dojos.

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