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  • How do I check for judo class availability?
    Head over to Click on the yellow button below each class to fill up the registration form for your respective trial classes.
  • The classes that I want to train in are full, when will they open?
    Some of the classes are full due to overwhelming demand and space constraints. We will open up more slots to the respective classes in the future if there are any. Fill up our waitlist form, you will be notified once more slots are available.
  • I have registered filled up the waiver form in ClubWorx, what's next?
    You will receive an email containing a link and pin for you to book your respective classes. Please continue to use Clubworx to sign in with your unique PIN and password to book the Judo lessons.
  • How do I pay after the trial class?
    Please proceed to the Kim Seng CC front counter for payment during office hours.
  • Do we have to make a booking for every weekly class using the Clubworx website link?
    Yes, you will need to make a booking for each weekly class using Clubworx. Here’s how to book your lesson: Click on your unique member link sent to you after you signed the waiver Enter your PIN and log in. Click on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner. Click "Make a Booking." Navigate and select your class date. Click "Book Event." The member portal is where you will book all your judo classes.
  • Do I need to sign the waiver again for every class?
    No, you do not need to sign the waiver for every class. You only need to sign the waiver once.
  • If we miss a class, will there be makeup sessions?
    There will not be makeup sessions for missed classes. Please note that all our instructors and helpers are volunteers.
  • What’s the recommended starting age for kids class?
    We only accept kids between 5 and 12 years old.
  • What are the class timings?
    1. Kids Beginners: Sunday, 10am to 11am (L1 Hall) 2. Kids Intermediate to Advance: Sunday, 10am to 1130am (L2 Dojo) 3. Adults Beginners: Sunday, 1130am to 1pm (L1 Hall) 4. Adults Intermediate: Tuesday 730pm to 9pm & Sunday 1pm to 230pm (L2 Dojo) 5. Adults Advance: Thursday 730pm to 9pm & Sunday 1130am to 1pm (L2 Dojo)
  • Do I have to bring a GI to my first class?
    If you are a beginner, you do not have to buy a GI to your first class. However, if you have made up your mind on joining judo. we recommend Liang Seng or Decathlon.
  • What if I feel unwell?
    If you are feeling unwell on the day or have recovered from Covid for less than a week, you are not allowed to train. Before enrolling, we recommend individuals with underlying health conditions to consult their healthcare provider. We are unable to provide specific medical advice.
  • I have some payment issues.
    For payment related matters please contact Kim Seng CC office directly.
  • What if I get injured and will not be practicing Judo for a few months, can I get a refund?
    You may get a refund from Kim Seng CC with the valid medical report(s). After you have recovered, please feel free to come back to Singapore Judo Club again.
  • I am here for a single lesson while travelling to Singapore, can I borrow a Judo Gi from the club?
    We do not have extra Judo Gis so do remember to bring along yours!
  • I want to attend 1-2 lessons, how do I pay?
    You may make payments via PayNow (UEN: S62SS0059K)) or using the Cash Envelope found in the level 2 dojo cabinet. Each training is S$20.
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