Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mini Rumble Championship!

Jagsports hosted a Mini Rumble for the judo kids with the aim to promote fun, friendship and the excitement of competitive Judo. We had five 5 very enthusiastic boys in Soloman, Jonathan, Ioan, Jett and Yu Yang representing SJC, most were entering their very first tournament.

We had a few wins, a few loses but all the boys walked away as champions. They all had lots of fun and learnt a great deal about the spirit of competition and the art of Judo. I am sure they are all looking forward to their next competition.

Special thanks to Jagsports, sensei Scott and sensei Kiat for their support of the great day for the kids.
All champions from the Singapore Judo Club! 
From Left: Jonathan, Jett, Yu Yang, Solomon and Ioan

Guest Post & Amazing Photos by: 
Mr. Air Vongxayasy

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