The Club

About the Club

“The Singapore Judo Club, a Meeting of Different Cultures that Fosters Physical Well Being, Spirit of Sportsmanship and Friendship!”

Founded in 1954, the Singapore Judo Club is the oldest establishment in the sport. Pioneers of the club later help founded the Singapore Judo Federation and have since contributed to growing the sport throughout Singapore. Till today, the Club is still a Non-for-Profit Organization run by volunteers

In the late 1953, 15 Judo enthusiasts got together and obtained the voluntary service of Mr Yeo Chiu Ong a 2nd Dan from a Japanese University who started to teach Judo with 12 tatamis in the compound of one of the enthusiast’s house at Grange Road. As members increased, it was then decided that a bigger place should be sought and a Club to be formed. Thus in 1954, the Singapore Judo Club was officially registered and declared open by the Datin Palgar, wife of the late Dato Dr, Palgar.

Since then, the Club has engaged many high grade Judokas from all over the world to come, train and instruct the local Judokas. They include, the late Father of British Judo Mr G. Koizumi and from the Kodokan, Mr Itagi and Mr Shiroka. As such, this allowed the Club to participate in many International and National Judo Championships, which includes the Malaysia Judo Championship, the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, SEAP Games where a Gold, Silver and Bronze was won in 1965. At the same time, another member participated in the 4th Judo Championship held in Brazil.

With the shifting of the Club in 1980 from Jalan Besar to Portsdown Road and now to Guillemard Road, the Club is still actively promoting Judo in Singapore, under the guidance by our voluntary coaches, aiming to provide a friendly and safe environment for members to enjoy and practice Judo.

Together with the frequent visits by Judokas from all over the world to train and exchange Judo knowledge with our members, it allows us to enhance our practice of Judo and at the same time making the Singapore Judo Club a club filled with diversity in every way.

- Large matted area
- Toilet with shower facilities
- Free weights and Dumbbells
- Free Parking within premises of the Club

Our Volunteers

Introduction for the Instructors
Our Coaches at SJC does an incredible job in engaging the students, making sure they not only develop their judo skills but also inculcate self-confidence, discipline and leadership. Since SJC is a non profitable club, our coaches are all on a voluntary basis. Rain or Shine, every Tuesday evening and Sunday Mornings, they take time off to coach the students.

Although most of us come from different parts of the world, Iran, Canada, Japan, Singapore, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia etc, there’s one common interest that binds us all together and that’s our love for Judo.

For those who are interested in joining our team of voluntary coaches, please
email us at

Introduction for the Committee
The activities and running of the Club are planned and carried out by the Committee of the Club whom are a dedicated group of people from all walks of life, having day jobs but taking their extra time out to volunteer
in the carrying out the affairs of the club all done for the love and passion of Judo. The committee uses the best of their areas of expertise and experience to ensure the smooth running of the club where members are
able to have a safe and fun environment to practice and share their passion for Judo.


1) Judo for those with Financial Difficulty
As mentioned by Dr. Kano the founder of Judo, the ultimate aim of Kodokan Judo is to perfect one’s self and thereby contribute to the welfare and benefit of mankind .

This is in line with SJC’s core objective in the promotion of Judo and believes that everyone, irregardless of background, gender or race, should be given the same opportunity to learn and appreciate the Art of judo.

Therefore, for those whom are interested and passionate in picking up Judo but have financial difficulties can apply to the SJC for training fee waver as well as a set of Judo Gi.

- Applications will be heard on a case by case basis.
- For more information, please write to us at

2) Exchange Programs with other Clubs
SJC believes that through joint training and exchange between Judokas not only allows the enhancement in the individuals’ level of excellence in Judo but also provides a platform for us to promote and spread the benefits of Judo.

 It also forges friendship with between fellow Judokas from all walks of life, culture and background, fulfilling Dr.  Kano’s another point of Kodokan Judo which is to achieve Harmony and Mutual Understanding between one anotherSJC has done a lot of joint training with other clubs for both our Adult and Children Classes.

For those whom are interested in having an exchange program with our club please do drop us an email at

3) Internship with SJC
-SJC has recently started to provide internships for students whom are in the midst waiting for the outcome of their results.

-They would be required to help out with the running of the Club in many different areas, allowing them to gain experience in the structure and workings of a organization. This would allow the interns to be much better prepared for the corporate in the future, where they would then be mentally equipped and prepared for what awaits them in the corporate world.

- For those who are interested can drop us an email at