Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Report: Sensei Mori back from Finland.

Principal Instructor Sensei Mori has returned from his week long seminar in Kokkola, Finland

Heres a summary from a news source of his visit:
"6 Dan Master, 10 times Iranian champion and 1986 Asia Games Medalist, instructed in Kokkola and Raahe this week. Sensei Mori was invited by Mr Timo Sivula, the Kokkola Judo Chamber Secretary who trained under Mori in Singapore in the early 2000. "My training at the local judo club and with Sensei Mori was a matter of chance. I wanted to offer others the same opportunity to learn from Mori" said Sivula on inviting sensei Mori to Finland. 

Sensei Mori stressed on going beyond the pursuit of Judo techniques but also the importance of safety, citing example of his injured knee. Avoiding injuries will allow a Judoka to train well into his or her golden years. 
For the full report in Finnish by Raahen Seutu Daily

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