Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pesta Sukan 2010 Medal Haul for SJC!

Pesta Sukan Competition

The Gutsy Singapore Judo Club Members brought Glory to the sport and to our Club in today's Pesta Sukan Competition held at the Bedok Sports Hall on the 26th Sept.

SJC Group Photo with Head Coach: Mr. Moari

Excitment BREWS!

SJC Participants standing Proud & Tall!

Our Gutsy Fighters - From Left: Scott, Nimah, Hampus, Walter, Farshad, Kiyoshi & Nicholas

Presenting our Medalists:

Farshad Khodadadi: Gold Medal +90kg Men

Nima Khodadadi: Gold Medal -90kg Men

Hampus Soderstrom: Silver Medal -90kg Men

Ramillon Nicholas: GoldMedal -73kg Men

Kiyoshi Nagai: GoldMedal -66kg Men

Walter Soh: Gold Medal -60kg Men

Our Golden Boys: Nicholas & Farshad enjoying their moment!

Excellent Performance & Congrats to our SJC memebers!

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